What is Kwest?

There’s the world you think you know around you. You can reach out and touch it, smell it, even taste it.*

But there’s more to our world than just what you can see on your own. A hidden world. One filled with adventures and mystery that can only be unlocked with the right lens.

The Kwest platform will immerse you into real-world, multi-sensory, experiences via episodic stories. 

(*Kwest does not encourage the licking of strange objects)

The Kwest Experience

  • Real-World Adventure

    Kwest challenges you to find new fun and adventure in the places you already love. Visit points of interest in your own neighborhood and anywhere you travel!

  • Different Worlds

    Take part in epic journeys saving the fantasy worlds you already know… And new ones you don’t.

  • Your Choices Matter

    Where you go, what you do, and what you see are all up to you. With Kwest, your choices mold your own unique story and outcomes.

  • Augmented Reality

    Using Kwest and your mobile device, you’ll unlock the secrets of the worlds that exist parallel to ours.

  • Immersive Audio

    True-to-life directional audio provides clues and prompts in different scenarios.

  • Integrated Setting

    Your story changes with where you go. Location based maps will get you outside and lead you from one objective to the next… And to treasure.

Our Values


We’re excited by the world around us and jump at any chance to get out there and explore.


We don’t spend our nights on the couch. We’re always on the hunt for the coolest new restaurants, stores, and cafes.


We put a new lens on the world, literally. We think there’s nothing wrong with living with your head in the clouds. In fact, we encourage it.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life’s one big game, anyway.

Our Team

The Kwest Krew hustling to make this dream a reality.

Omeed Shams

Founder & CEO

Michael J Gibson


Xalavier Nelson Jr

Creative Director & Writer

Roselle Carmen

3D Artist

Valeriy Dymura

Unity Developer

Billy Sagulo

Art Director

Alexey Andreev

Lead Unity Developer

Andrea Simeone

Senior Developer

Nikita Neymokel

Lead Game Designer

Chris Click

Audio Designer

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